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Quality and Safety

  Blastal is dedicated to the utmost quality in production, as well as safety within its facility and during installations on location.

Our Commitment to Quality:

At Blastal, we work hard to surpass our customer’s expectations and deliver the highest quality result possible. Projects processed through our facility are inspected and all necessary records are kept for the quality assurance requirements of our customers. Our commitment to “Quality and Performance” is recognized and valued throughout the steel fabrication and construction industry.
  Our Obligation to Safety:

Blastal Coatings is committed to the prevention of illness and injury through the provision and maintenance of healthy and safe conditions on its premises. The company endeavours to provide a hazard-free environment and to minimize risks by adherence to all relevant legislation and, where appropriate, through development and implementation of additional internal standards, programs and procedures. Blastal requires that health and safety be a primary objective in every area of operation and that all persons utilizing company premises comply with procedures, regulations, and standards relating to health and safety.


Presidents Message

Since 1992, Blastal has utilized state of the art equipment and materials to continuously develop innovative techniques in metal surface... read on

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