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Methods and Coatings

  Our production methods include:

Blast Cleaning Methods

Abrasive blast cleaning allows us to remove mill scale, rust, old coatings, and contaminates from the metal surface. We offer a variety of Abrasive blast cleaning methods and conform to Steel Structure Painting Council Standards (SSPC) to meet your written project specifications.

Steel Grit and Shot • Sandblasting • Wheelabrating
Crush Glass Abrasive • Glass Bead Cleaning • Aluminum Oxide
Garnet • Walnut shells • and more ...
  Liquid Protective Coatings

Liquid protective coatings are applied to protect against corrosion and extreme environmental conditions. They include a wide variety of the following materials tailored to suit individual projects:

• Alkyd primers and finishes  • Epoxy primers and finishes
• Flouropolymer finishes  • Heat Resistant primers and finishes
• Polysiloxane finishes  • Polyurethane primers and finishes
• Vinyl Esters  • Waterborne primers and finishes
• Zinc Rich primers
• Metallizing • Neoprene • Plastic flame coatings
• Tank linings • Intumescent Fireproofing and more ...


Presidents Message

Since 1992, Blastal has utilized state of the art equipment and materials to continuously develop innovative techniques in metal surface... read on

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